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What Roles Should You Expect?

Arts & Culture
Museums, Journalism, Libraries, etc
Access to Education, Literacy, Quality Education, etc
Climate Change, Clean Energy, Wildlife Conservation, etc
Food & Agriculture
Healthy Food, Sustainable Agriculture, etc
Health & Well-Being
Access to Healthcare, Quality of Healthcare, Mental Health, etc
Human Rights & Equality
LGBTQ rights, Human Trafficking, Criminal Justice, etc
Partners & Advocates
Organizations supporting & empowering nonprofits & social change
Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
Financial Inclusion, Debt Reduction, Financial Empowerment, etc
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Civic Tech, Gov Tech, Progressive Tech
Software Engineer, CTO, Front-end Engineer, System Administrator
Data & Analytics
Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Monitoring & Evaluation, Data Engineer
Design & UX
Designer, UX/UI Designer, Design Researcher, Graphic Design
Product Manager, Product Analyst
Director of Marketing, SEO Analyst, Digital Strategist
Project Management
Project Manager
Management, Customer Success, Finance, Accounting

Types of Organizations

We welcome many different types of organizations on Tech Jobs for Good provided that they are clearly addressing a social or environmental issue.

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