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SchoolLinks · Austin, TX/Remote (USA)

Design + UX
Posted 5 days ago

User Experience Design (UX)

About SchooLinks

SchooLinks is pushing the envelope by delivering the best experiences on the market for students and educators alike. We build tools that help students grades k-12 achieve success by allowing them to plan their coursework effectively, learn about future pathways, explore colleges and careers, apply to college, find internships... and the list goes on. Our platform is a fully featured College and Career Readiness (CCR) platform more than 80 different features we offer to 5 different user types. We're constantly iterating and seeing how we can improve the platform and provide novel experiences and better tools.

About the Role

Unfortunately for this role, we cannot accept candidates without previous experience - we are currently onboarding another designer new to the career and our team does not have the bandwidth to onboard/train someone who has not worked in a product design or UI/UX role in a software company before at this point in time.

Our team is growing across the board and we're looking for another designer to join our team. Our design team works across our 4 different pods, so you will have a lot of different projects in different areas of the company. We are looking for a designer with at least 2 years of experience, but we would also gladly welcome senior individual contributors for senior and lead roles.

We use Figma as our primary toolset and work in 2 week sprints that we plan on Jira. Your role will be both understanding and improving existing products and working with our product and engineering team to create innovative and implementable designs for new features.

You'll be coming into a design team that has an established set of styles, common components, symbols, etc. - in short a set of design infrastructure that allows us to focus on solving challenging user problems rather than reinventing the wheel of a basic design system. As a company, we move fast, push the limits of our market/industry, and will provide you a unique opportunity for growth in a rapidly expanding and ambitious company.

This opportunity provides the rare chance to work on both consumer and enterprise products:

  • On the student, alumni, and member side of the platform we strive to build cutting edge, modern, consumer-facing UIs that we intend to be fun to user and exciting. We take inspiration from TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram, dating apps, and other popular platforms.
  • On the educator side, we think deeply about how our UX enables school counselors to be "super counselors" -- augmenting their skills and allowing them to use data and tools to be able to accomplish more and stay on top of larger and larger caseloads. This means figuring out effective ways to summarize information, surface insights, and present complex flows in ways that can cutdown on the cognitive burden of others.

Note that our preference is to hire Austin-based, but we are flexible in working with candidates who would be remote. Our team currently has two designers based in Austin and who come into the office 3-4 days per week and one fully remote designer.



  • You have at least 2 years of experience designing UI/UX for web software/services at a product company. If you have more experience and are looking for senior/leadership roles, we would be happy to consider you.
  • You have experience using Figma efficiently and effectively or some other similar tool - Sketch, XD (so you can focus on the output rather than the tool!)
  • You're excited about doing the full lifecycle of design - user research, low fidelity, high fidelity, copy, user analysis, etc.
  • You have experience reviewing and providing effective feedback to other designers and are able to brainstorm and problem-solve challenges collaboratively
  • You've got top-notch logical thinking skills - we deal with very complex workflows and have a lot of variation in process that we need to account for in our designs. You need to be disciplined in figuring out a reliable mental model of the concepts and flows and then using tools like user flows, low fidelity designs, and written explanations to solve non-trivial user problems
  • You know what tools to use when to solve a problem in specific contexts (when you need to step back and outline or make a user flow, go back to low fidelity, etc)
  • You're self-critical and open to feedback from others
  • You have an intuition to understand when something is overly complicated and or not quite right and that will bother you!
  • You're an effective communicator who is able to explain complex ideas verbally, "sell" others on your vision internally, and can communicate with our customers (we frequently have our designers take part in customer discussions both preand post-sale, especially when working on new products)
  • You're somewhat familiar with the software development life cycle and how web apps work -- ultimately your goal is not just to produce a high fidelity design prototype, it's to ensure you're contributing to creating the best overall product when it gets into the users' hands

Nice to have, but not a strict requirement:

  • Experience working on enterprise software for complex workflows
  • You have some experience managing other designers, projects, or others in some capacity
  • Ability to understand new domains quickly and take responsibility for your own learning + skill improvement
  • Interest in understanding the business and the context around your designs
  • Education Technology experience is a plus, but not necessary

Interview process

We try to keep the interview process simple and time investment on your side low. This is what our typical process looks like

  1. 10-15 min recorded video interview (mainly to save time on back and forth scheduling - you can read more about our rationale for including this in the process here if you have concerns or questions)

  2. Fit interview with CTO or senior designer (we might also skip this step)

  3. Mini design project that will take <2 hrs (low fidelity and a single high fidelity component)

  4. 45 minute follow up conversation about your design project

  5. Reference check


  • Salary based on experience and performance in the interview process
  • Fully covered insurance, dental, vision
  • Company issued Macbook
  • Company-sponsored 401k plan with partial matching
  • Flexible in-office policy
  • In-office snacks, breakfast, catered lunch once per week
  • Biweekly happy hrs with the team
  • Free parking at the office

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