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MAPSCorps (Meaningful, Active, Productive Science in Service to Communities) is a nonprofit organization that provides youth with meaningful employment and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) training opportunities through an innovative technology-based community asset mapping program.

The MAPSCorps mission is to train youth to produce high-quality data about community assets that everyone can use to improve the human condition. MAPSCorps aims to address the gap in reliable data about assets in high poverty communities while providing meaningful employment for youth.

During the summer, MAPSCorps participants (primarily high school and college students) walk their communities, observing, collecting, and analyzing data about public-facing businesses and organizations (“assets”). Throughout the program, youth prepare a public health-focused research project to present at the program’s culminating event. After the summer program, the data collected by youth is processed and published on the MAPSCorps website and the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Chicago Health Atlas. The data are publicly available at no cost for noncommercial purposes.

Job Description

The Data Manager reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing policies for MAPSCorps data systems. The Manager oversees MAPSCorps’ data processing, reports, and data products with support from seasonal and temporary staff/interns as needed.

During the data collection (mapping) period (typically in the summer), the Manager will supervise seasonal Data Coordinators to ensure efficient data processing and high-quality data. The Manager also manages the MAPSCorps data requests process and mines the MAPSCorps dataset to provide reports and data visualizations to management and partners.

The Manager will also work closely with MAPSCorps’ technology partner(s) to maintain and optimize the MAPSCorps database, data collection tools (i.e., MapApp), and website (for annual data publication). In addition, the Manager will guide and support efforts to train MAPSCorps youth on basic data analytics and visualization techniques. Due to the start-up nature of the organization, the Manager will also occasionally contribute to other organizational activities, such as helping with organizational events, initiatives, and programs.



  • Lead the design, development and implementation of MAPSCorps’ data systems (e.g. database, data collection tools, analysis and reporting)
  • Optimize MAPSCorps’ data model for effective data management and analysis
  • Maintain oversight and adherence to data governance policies and procedures 
  • Become an expert on MAPSCorps’ data collection application (MapApp) and admin tool and develop recommendations for improvement
  • Work with external technical partners to implement technical improvements
  • Interact with external partners and communicate effectively about data and data insights in strategic partnership meetings


  • Prepare, test, and ensure high level of accuracy of the MAPSCorps data sets
  • Perform data analysis to identify trends, correlations, and patterns in MAPSCorps data sets
  • Prepare relevant and impactful reports and data visualizations
  • Manage external data request process, including tracking and reports
  • Develop, document, implement and audit processes and procedures
  • Supervise Data Coordinators during mapping period
  • Support program efforts to educate youth in gaining valuable data and analysis skills
  • Assist Program Manager and Executive Director with other essential MAPSCorps tasks
  • Other duties as assigned


  • 2-5 years of experience in a data-related role (e.g., data analyst, systems analyst, data manager) working in database systems and using SQL to query data
  • Knowledge of web apps and technology stacks and their interrelatedness with databases and data management
  • Proficiency working with and analyzing large amounts of data
  • Experience with data visualization and reporting techniques and tools (e.g., Power BI, Tableau)
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently with limited supervision
  • Ability to be candid, forthright, and ask tough questions regarding data systems, policies and processes, always helping to move the organization forward
  • Strong attention to detail and project management skills
  • Passion for building a community-engaged organization with a commitment to deliver high-quality data and meaningful work experience for youth
  • Positive attitude and willingness to work on a dynamic mixture of tasks, no matter how big or small
  • Excellent written, verbal and oral communication skills
  • Experience with software to create maps (e.g., ArcGIS, QGIS) is highly desired