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Role Summary:

Tia is an innovative, venture-backed women’s healthcare company on a mission to transform the way women access, use and benefit from healthcare. Tia blends data-driven technology with a holistic, “multiple tools in the toolkit” care philosophy all unified under a big, bold sex-positive, ethically female brand.

From early days we’ve recognized that in order to build differentiated products in healthcare, we need to marry technology, operations and programming / businessline thinking together; we also recognized that we need a blend of traditional and non-traditional healthcare backgrounds. Today, Tia’s product team is made up of PMs overseeing servicelines (such as mental health and acupuncture) and technology development. This team partners closely with the clinical operations, marketing, brand & design, and engineering teams to ensure that we’re effectively designing and delivering value for our two core users: our patients and our providers.

As an PM at Tia you own the product development lifecycle, from taking and translating the vision developed with the CPOO & product design team through the technology product process. You will collaborate with the CPOO and product design team to conduct user interviews and observation to generate technology development plans. You will manage the product development process. You will liaise closely with the development team to oversee the design, spec generation, development, testing and ultimate launch of the product. You will partner closely with the clinical operations teams to launch products, and help to train and guide clinicians to use the features effectively. You will own close analysis of product performance against product goals.

This role specifically focuses on the development of TiaMD, TiAdmin and the “3rd screen” application (patient facing collaboration tool providers use in clinic), the internal platform that our clinical team uses to deliver care. This includes an iPad, MacOS, AppleTV and web application -- and the features span the needs of clinical documentation, health record and patient data collection, patient / internal messaging, billing tasks / insurance integration, eRx, and clinical decision support.

At the get go:

  • Manage the product development process, partnering with the team’s tech lead and scrum master to ensure the products are effectively brought from concept to development
  • Manage product evaluation, using metrics and qualitative feedback to evaluate the success of our product launches
  • Partner closely with design to develop concepts to evolve TiaMD along clinician feedback
  • Work in tandem with the CPOO to develop the vision for TiaMD & TiAdmin, and ensure that the vision is executed

What we visualize the role morphing into:

  • Entirely owning the vision and development of the TiaMD and the technology needs to integrate into our partners EHR systems.


  • As an PM, your core job is to make something that people want, you’re obsessive about knowing the user, understanding the user needs and love the creative problem solving of stitching together product requirements, end-state desired design, user desire, resource capacity and constraints, and timing
  • PM’s are at the forefront of defining the frontiers of our business, they’re looking for ways to expand revenue, service line, retention, loyalty. This means being creative, being on the pulse of the user and thinking creatively / out of the box about meeting their needs -- they’re always willing to experiment always, despite the possibility of failure
  • An PM’s job is to constantly figure out the best way to get the MVP into the user’s hands as quickly as possible and then find a pathway to build on top of that to iterate, improve and deliver more and more value -- therefore they must be obsessive with the game of being driven to achieve excellence, but with a regard of effort over impact.
  • You’re hyper-focused on asking why then why again. You use this to effectively distill the user need / insight, and then evaluate the right solution. You also use this talent to drive at effective provider training, data analysis, and process management.


The person should spike on the following abilities:

  • Sociological thinking
  • Psychological thinking
  • Process orientation
  • Analytical thinking


  • Understanding of engineering lift to build and design lift to design
  • Understanding of agile / scrum process
  • Managing to metrics
  • Writing product specs
  • Analytics -- proficient in use of excel / google sheets, SQL, familiarity with Mixpanel, python, R, or stata a plus
  • Project management
  • Strong communication (herding cats, ability to effectively communicate goals, tactics, process, get buy in across orgs)
  • User research


Partner with the CPOO and the design team to translate product vision, strategy and design into executable specs for the engineering team

  • Partner with the CPOO to write the PRD and brief design team on product needs
  • Run design reviews, ensuring that design progress is inline with delivery goals as well as meets PRD requirements
  • Ensure that team is fully briefed on the PRD, socializing PRDs as necessary to organization
  • Own spec development process, taking in feedback from the development team; working with design team and CPOO to iterate solutions as needed given technical feedback
  • Manage JIRA development -- ensuring all criteria for a “takeable” story are integrated into the JIRA
  • Run the product development process, partnering with the Tech Lead and Scrum Masters to ensure feature development hits the quality mark and is consistently prioritized correctly
  • Partner with Tech Leads to solicit spec feedback, ensure that we are always hitting our development goals (effectively balance complexity of feature / launch blockers with the time to build)

Run grooming and attend all other scrum ceremonies (retro, sprint planning, validation meetings, demos)

  • Validate all features, ensuring they hit the product spec & quality bar
  • Manage bug reports, prioritizing issues as they come up for the team
  • Own the backlog, ensuring that we’re always prioritizing the most important work -- and strategically considering what work needs to be taken when

Partner with the clinical operations teams & other product line leaders to launch products to clinical staff

  • Develop training programs for new features that are released, ensuring the clinical team is aware of how to use the new features we build for them
  • Partner with the head of L&D to ensure that the technology manuals are constantly updated with each new release
  • Run clinical team onboarding sessions onto TiaMD

Evaluate the success of released products & identify opportunities to improve solutions

  • Conduct analysis into the performance of our products, evaluating their outcomes on relative to the goals.
  • Use database, mixpanel and other tools to ensure that performance is measured
  • Conduct user interviews with clinical staff to understand anecdotal perspectives on the product performance.

Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients.

If you're are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women's healthcare, join us!

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