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We're developing Turn, the product that allows social impact organisations to have private, personal, guided conversations that change behaviour at scale.

Turn is a web application that allows social impact organisations to:

  • Connect with millions of users on large scale messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Android Messages
  • Engage users in conversations about their wellbeing at scale
  • Triage the most important conversations for human Coaches to address
  • Guide users towards behavioural milestones with evidence-based actions
  • Track the impact of these conversations

We are in immediate need of a Data Science Engineer to shape and implement the natural language and machine learning strategy required to deliver on our behaviour change goals by 2020. This position will play a key role in helping us answer the question: How do you track the social impact of a conversation?

This is an exciting opportunity for the successful candidate to join a funded startup in its founding years and experience and shape the growth of a product startup first hand.

This is an Engineering role, not an academic research role. The intent of the role is to build the product, not to publish academic results. The role will involve working directly with the core team to:

  1. Implement natural language understanding models in such a way to help extract and store key behaviour change information and events from digital conversations happening in real time.
  2. Implement a means to identifying, the start, end, and quality of conversations in real time.
  3. Ensure that the most relevant content and/or next best actions are surfaced in the UI in real-time based on the information captured per conversation.
  4. Be responsible for the implementation and deployment of these features in the product, including any necessary backend, test, and/or frontend development as necessary.

That said, the nature of a startup dictates that roles often cover a lot more ground than the job specification suggests and as such we prefer versatilists over specialists.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Work in tandem with the CTO and Product Manager.
  2. Analyse data to spot patterns, draw insights and develop key data learnings that deliver towards the product's behaviour change goals.
  3. Research, develop, trial, and implement different approaches that are likely to help deliver on the product goals.
  4. Provide strategic, data driven, input on the continued development and strategy of the product.
  5. Stay current with ongoing NLU and ML research and technology trends.

Qualifications and Skills

  1. Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math or related field.
  2. 3+ years of work experience in a product development, research, or production environment.
  3. Experience with programming languages such as Python and Javascript, Elixir is a bonus.
  4. Experience with PostgreSQL.
  5. Experience with data and statistical analysis tools such as Redash and R.
  6. Experience with k8s, deployments, backend development, GraphQL, and React is a strong bonus.

Interested? Send your CV and cover letter to

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