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Data Science
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Campaigns Team Director


About BlueLabs

BlueLabs is a leading provider of analytics services and technology for government, business, and campaigns. Founded in 2013 by senior members of the Obama for America re-election campaign team, we help our clients optimize their engagements with individual customers, supporters, and stakeholders to achieve their goals. 


Today, our team counts over 60 data scientists, engineers, and strategists from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for using data to solve the world’s greatest social and analytical challenges. We’ve served more than 400 organizations ranging from political campaigns to advocacy groups, unions, government agencies, and international groups, as well as companies in the automotive, travel, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, healthcare, media, telecom, and other industries. Along the way, we’ve developed some of the most innovative tools available in analytics, media optimization, reporting, and influencer outreach.


About the Team

The campaigns team at BlueLabs works with our political and advocacy clients as well as on our corporate, entertainment, and healthcare clients helping them to make data-driven decisions. This is both a client-facing and data-facing team: we do both analysis and client communications. Team members provide context for our internal data scientists and engineers and explain findings to stakeholders.


Our team is often called to answer questions like:

  • What political trends should a campaign be aware of and what are their different pathways to victory?
  • How might consumers behave under different pricing models?
  • What experiment would best test a client’s strategy, and what do the results of that experiment reveal?
  • How do we present our models, calculators, and reports, so our partners get the information they need?


Tools of the Trade:

  •  We work closely with our data science team, so you’ll need an understanding of statistical concepts, and being able to interpret results and explain them to non-analysts.
  • We use big data sets, so being comfortable with tools to access information and analyze that information such as SQL. 
  • We use an array of business intelligence tools to visualize our findings.  Members of our team have different strengths such as GIS or Tableau—though many learned those on the job.
  • We’re only successful if we can communicate our findings; writing skills, PowerPoint/Keynote, and other tools of the consultant toolbox will help you succeed in this job.


About the Role

What you’ll do:

This position requires team management as well as analysis, presentation, and strategic communication. You’ll be responsible for leading our team of managers and analysts as well as helping them develop, ideate, refine, and review their work. This role will be the final checkpoint for all deliverables and responsible for ensuring optimal quality and timeliness for our client projects.


The Director should understand how different types of analysts might arrive at a solution and the support they will need to get there.  This is a great role for those who have experience leading teams and individual contributors, cross-team collaboration and understanding what it takes to get a job done while guiding others achieve their goals.


Responsibilities range across three categories:

  • Managing and Growing Our Team
    • Developing and growing our analysts and managers as leaders, analysts, and strategic communicators.
    • Recommending and presenting opportunities for team growth, and professional development.
    • Recruiting and hiring and recommending viable growth paths for the team that align with company and practice strategic priorities.
    • Providing guidance to the Campaigns Operations Lead that serves to coordinate individual team members’ priorities and staffing assignments as well as tracking team productivity and utilization. 


  • Guiding Project Deliverables 
    • Determine creative staffing solutions and aiding analysts when they come to roadblocks in their work.
    • Working with our client leads, Partners, and VPs to develop and share (both internally and externally) our general products, services, and approaches.
    • Reviewing all deliverables from the team and providing constructive feedback.
    • Ensuring our work has a common style, consistent guidelines, and that our team of analysts share best practices from one project to the next.


  • Growing our Work
    • Pursuing outside partnerships to improve our products and services
    • Working on research and development priorities with partners and VPs
    • Helping formalize product offerings, processes and methods for our approach to the work.


Who you are:

  • You are passionate about harnessing data-driven solutions to improve social outcomes.
  • You have several years of leadership experience leading small to medium-sized teams, you’ve had experience shepherding a diverse group of people from initial concept to finalized product.
  • You’re very comfortable with many of the products and solutions in analytics and data science, you can read and analyze a poll, give feedback on, and write release notes about a statistical model, and can come up with novel data-based calculators and tools for ad-hoc analysis. You likely have at least 5-10 years of experience as a practitioner in one of the core fields that BlueLabs services including: politics, media analytics, data-driven marketing, or market analysis and are familiar with industry terms.
  • You have a keen eye for how to visualize, present, and communicate data-driven solutions and tell stories from the data. You can write for a technical audience, but you can also boil down a model, experiment, or engineering solution to an elevator pitch for a campaign manager or CEO to understand.
  • You’re able to conduct data analysis on tight deadlines where the problem is unstructured, or the guidance is open ended.
  • You can recognize patterns and are careful to check assumptions—whether they are your own or someone else’s.
  • You have a good attention to detail and are meticulously organized.
  • You are good at wielding soft power and can keep a lot of balls in the air.
  • You can summarize a lot of detail into the key important deadlines and tasks.
  • You know when to elevate critical issues and when to keep trying to come up with solutions.
  • You have strong and broad technical communication skills. 
  • You’re comfortable being a connector between worlds—you can relate to an analyst focused on the potential academic contribution of her research and with the head of a department who needs to make time constrained decisions on a budget.

Salary and Benefits

The position is based out of our Washington, DC office and reports to the VP of Programs. The salary for this position is $130,000+ annually. 

At BlueLabs, we celebrate, support and thrive on differences. Not only do they benefit our services, products, and community, but most importantly, they are to the benefit of our team. Qualified people of all races, ethnicities, ages, sex, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, gender identities, marital status, religions, veterans statuses, and disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. As an equal opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer, BlueLabs is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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