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Climate Change
Posted 2 months ago Claim this company is an online climate school with the aim to transition 100M people into climate work. We run cohort-based online programs for talented individuals that teach them everything about climate, plug them into a network of mentors and expose them to full-time/part/entrepreneurial work opportunities in the space.

We're a seed-funded startup run by an extremely experienced team with multiple exits under their belts. We're backed by well-known builders like Deep Kalra (MakeMyTrip), Nithin Kamath (Zerodha), Deepinder Goyal (Zomato), Rashmi Sinha (Slideshare), Stanford Angels, Beenext and others.

About the role

Think of Terra's product as three distinct pieces.  

1. Learn - web-based customer acquisition funnels, an inhouse learning management system, analytics that support instructors, personalized topic feeds etc.  

2. Meet - mapping rich member profiles to a climate taxonomy, helping discover a personalized network within the community, semi- automated matchmaking, etc. Think + Slack  

3. Do - our north star metric is the fraction of Terra graduates working in climate. This involves products that run online job fairs, job feeds, part-time projects etc.  

As a Product Manager, you'll have end-to-end ownership of one (or more) of these.  

You'll work directly with an experienced leadership team (dozen startups/listed tech companies in US/India) but expected to operate almost completely independently. You'll bring good product judgment (prioritization, explore/exploit), attention to detail and most importantly, a strong bias to learn by shipping. And as a remote-only workplace, you have to love writing (and reading) documents, Asana and, sigh, Slack.

Here are reasons why you *shouldn't* join us

  • We're a remote company and will always remain so. That means working unusual hours (normal mornings & a few late evenings if you live in India), but also the freedom to work from anywhere. While the tech/product/design teams will remain concentrated in India, the rest of the folks you work with live in places ranging from Hawaii to Colorado to London to Pakistan to Singapore. Having built many companies before, I can tell you that it is *hard* to work remote AND distributed.

  • Climate change is one of the wickedest problems humanity faces, and Terra's path to solve this will often not follow the typical venture-backed startup route. So if you're looking for a "growth at all costs", "hyperfunded rocketship" environment, we might not be the place for you.

  • We want PMs who can come in and start creating impact from Day-1. So it's not the right place for you if you DO NOT have prior experience in shipping internet products.

  • You will be expected to work largely independently, and shoulder a significant chunk of responsibilities. This might or might not work for you depending on what you are looking for in your next job.

Other than that, we do the usual things you would expect good companies to do - a culture of mutual respect, a shared belief in building a better, more equitable world. And yes, a strong inclination to not take ourselves too seriously!

If this is something that interests you, please fill out this quick form below so we can know you better. And if you know someone who might be a good fit, do share this post with them.

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