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The Center for Humane Technology (CHT) is an independent nonprofit organization whose aim is to drive a comprehensive shift toward humane technology by changing the way technologists think about their work and how they build products. We’re creating the conditions for a new race to the top to realign technology with humanity.

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About Us

Our journey began in 2013 when Tristan Harris, then a Google Design Ethicist, created the viral presentation, “A Call to Minimize Distraction & Respect Users’ Attention.” The presentation, followed by two TED talks and a 60 Minutes interview, sparked the Time Well Spent movement and laid the groundwork for the founding of the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2018.

While many people are familiar with our work through The Social Dilemma, our focus goes beyond the negative effects of social media. We work to expose the drivers behind all extractive technologies steering our thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

We believe that by understanding the root causes of harmful technology, we can work together to build a more humane future.


Our Work

Together with our partners, we are dedicated to leading a comprehensive shift toward technology that strengthens our well-being, global democratic functioning, and shared information environment. Our work focuses on:
  • Producing perspective-shifting media to sound the alarm on technology’s impacts on people, institutions, and society
  • Partnering with organizations and allies to pursue strategic solutions across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors
  • Providing practical resources, from trainings to private briefings, that empower leaders to take bold coordinated action