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Just, joyful, effective organizations. Harmonize is a one-stop-shop for groups looking to build, grow, or shift their organizations with a social justice lens. Harmonize partners with organizations to 1) ALIGN their governance, operations, strategy, culture, and values to unlock the full potential of teams, 2) CULTIVATE the awareness and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of social justice, and 3) BUILD networks and coalitions capable of systemic change.

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About Us

Who We Are

Harmonize works to increase the capacity of organizations and ecosystems to work holistically and strategically toward collective liberation. We center power, belonging, and justice in a systems based approach to organizational development and movement building. We work with organizations ranging from national nonprofits, to movement networks, grassroots formations, and municipal coalitions. We are a mission driven cooperative who is fully committed to a liberated, just, and thriving world. Our meetings tend to be filled with joy, creativity, compassion, and excitement.

Our Tech Problem

Organizations active in metropolitan ecosystems or in movement based causes often work in different arenas of interconnected issues. We need a way to visualize who is doing what, so that we can identify and activate collaboration between organizations to address deeper systemic issues and root causes. The first step is a mapping project. Collecting, organizing, and presenting data to be practically useful for community leaders. The second step is partnering with community leaders to identify and develop functionality that will support deeper collaboration. We expect this to include things like communication and collective decision making capabilities, but we will learn more as we continue to learn from users.