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A not for profit harnessing emerging digital technologies & radical collaboration to innovate, deploy & scale concrete systemic solutions at a planetary level

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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About Us

We are a California-based nonprofit creating and deploying open source digital systems and solutions for a thriving planet.

OpenEarth harnesses three core approaches to enhance planetary resilience.

  1. Emerging digital technologies - Blockchains combined with AI and IoT can empower a system of automated response to planetary threats. We're here to make sure that happens in an open and decentralized way. 
  2. Collaboration and Open Platforms - Human collaboration is at the heart of what we do: by working together we’ll develop and scale interoperable tech solutions through open source platforms.
  3. Systems Approach - By using Systems Thinking to understand the complexity behind intricate problems, we can identify leverage points to catalyze the exponential changes needed to avoid a planet-wide environmental catastrophe.

Top Workplace Values

  • Diverse Team
  • Promotes from Within
  • Engages with its Community
  • Transparent Leadership
  • Supports Personal Development