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Inspired by the spirit of International Women's Day, we're thrilled to invite you to "EmpowHer" an online event hosted by QA’s Inspiring Ambassadors. At QA, we're passionate about fostering diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry, and EmpowHer is our latest initiative to shine a spotlight on the incredible contributions of women in technology.

What to Expect:

🚀 Inspiring QA Ambassadors: Hear from women in tech who are QA Ambassadors themselves. Learn about their journeys, challenges, and triumphs as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

🎤 Panel Discussion: Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion led by our Ambassadors. Gain insights into the experiences of women in tech and explore strategies for overcoming barriers and seizing opportunities in the field.

📚 Interesting Facts: Discover insights and statistics about women in tech that will broaden your perspective and spark meaningful conversations.

Meet Our Panellists:

🌟 Rebecca Nathan-Amish: A civil servant embarking on a transformative journey, Rebecca effortlessly balances her public service role with her pursuit of excellence in associate project management through QA's apprenticeship programmes. With a passion for travel and a deep love for reading, Rebecca's diverse experiences enrich her understanding of the world and fuel her dedication to empowering others. Guided by the wisdom of Maya Angelou, she fearlessly navigates the challenges of her multifaceted life, serving as a beacon of inspiration for women in the tech industry.

🌟 Georgia Shaw: An Associate Client Executive passionate about promoting apprenticeships. Starting her journey with Atos and QA after A-Levels, she completed a project management apprenticeship and then a degree through the University of Northumbria. Managing IT projects for the BBC since 2020, she now leads communications for the Private Sector Tech Foundations team. Recently promoted to Associate Client Executive for the BBC account, she's honing skills in sales, financial and commercial management, aiming to become a Client Executive Partner.

🌟 Hannah Snaith: Hannah's journey from a Fine Arts degree to Marketing Executive at QA is a testament to her diverse skill set and passion for technology. Combining her artistic background with coding skills acquired from QA’s Software Development Bootcamp, she found her stride with a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Now, she engages audiences on QA's social media with funny and insightful videos, championing women in tech. Through her content, Hannah inspires others to explore apprenticeships and thrive in the tech industry.

🌟 Olivia Stein: Olivia Stein is a trainee paralegal at Harper McLeod, driven by her passion for tech apprenticeships. Opting out of university after school, she pursued an apprenticeship in Digital Applications Support with QA and later became a team leader. Rising through the ranks, Olivia now excels as a trainee paralegal. She's also a QA ambassador advocating for tech apprenticeships for young women, earning her the QA Ambassador of the Year award in 2023.

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Date & Time

April 4, 2024, 7 a.m. - April 4, 2024, 8 a.m.



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