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When we imagine a future in which trusted data sharing allows for new forms of online services for individuals and communities, the possibilities seem endless. But what types of data governance practices are needed to ensure this future includes responsible data collection and sharing and a commitment to protecting individual privacy?

In this keynote session, a panel of data governance and online services experts will explore the intersection of data governance and privacy, exploring together the technological and ethical considerations it will take to arrive at a future in which...

Key welfare programs like SNAP and TANF can easily reach American families online, education providers are meeting the needs of all students whether online or in-person, DMV visits are cut down to a bare minimum, and changes to government documents can be requested digitally. And all of these services can be accessed through a single online identity tied to private services at the user’s discretion, giving users unprecedented control over their data, with the ability to know exactly who has access to their data and for what purpose.

Join us on September 15th for this half day event that will include a keynote that will start at 10am CST and 4 separate 1 hour long breakouts that will happen between 12-2pm CST.

If you are registered for this event you will receive an email soon with a link to the keynote and directions on registering for the sessions you are interested in.

Our speakers include:

  • Natalie Evans Harris, BrightHive
  • Brenda Leong, Future of Privacy Forum
  • Nancy Smith, DataSmith Solutions, LLC
  • Taylor Campbell, Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation
  • Brian Lim, BrightHive
  • Teri Garstka, University of Kansas
  • Melissa Rooker, Kansas Children's Cabinet and Trust Fund
  • Matt Stevens, BrightHive
  • Autumn Felty, BrightHive
  • Michael Vente, Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Thomas Plagge, BrightHive
  • Genevieve Smith, GV Advisory
  • Gabriela Fitz, Think Twice LLC

BREAKOUT 1 — Data Privacy and Data Governance: Unlocking the Possible 12pm CST What is possible when you have strong privacy and governance frameworks in place? How do you bring key stakeholders together and find agreement about these considerations? How exactly do you incorporate privacy throughout your data governance strategy?

This breakout will provide an overview of the governance and privacy challenges involved in a statewide early childhood development data sharing program in Kansas—a partnership between the Kansas State Government and Kansas University’s Center for Public Partnerships and Research. Topics covered will include challenges for launching a data sharing program, bringing diverse stakeholders into the fold, and managing privacy concerns throughout the project. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A with Teri Garstka of the Center for Public Partnerships and Research, and Melissa Rooker, former Kansas State Legislator, and currently Executive Director of the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund.

BREAKOUT 2 — Demystifying Data Governance in One Act 12pm CST How do you take the values and ideas that drive strong data governance and put them into use in a specific context?

In this session, BrightHive’s Matt Stevens and Autumn Felty—along with Michael Vente, Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Senior Director of Research and Data Governance—will share BrightHive’s approach to data collaboration and data governance. Audience members will have the opportunity to participate in an improv-style governance meeting and troubleshoot real-world, complex data sharing issues. The session will close with a Q&A with Michael Vente who is currently working to implement large-scale data sharing governance across multiple state agencies in Colorado.

BREAKOUT 3 — Data Governance and Self-Sovereignty 1pm CST When individuals are given control of their own data, how will technology and business need to adapt?

This breakout session, led by BrightHive CTO Thomas Plagge, will focus on the practical implications of self-sovereignty. Giving individuals more control over their own data will compel us to evolve technical infrastructure, business models, and legal architecture. In addition to highlighting relevant examples, and work by organizations such as the Trust Over IP Foundation and the T3 Innovation Network, this session will provide a forum for practitioners to discuss emergent needs and efforts in their own data ecosystems.

BREAKOUT 4 — Data Governance Through an Equity and Values Lens 1pm CST Gabi Fitz (Think Twice) and Genevieve Smith (GV Advisory) will explore Data Governance through an equity and values lens: How can data and knowledge management practitioners use the tools at their disposal to build equity within and outside of their organizations? Participants will work together to adapt their data governance practices for equity and values alignment.


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Nov. 18, 2020, 10 a.m. - Nov. 18, 2020, 2 p.m.



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