IE Data Summit: Environment, Climate, & Energy


Data is essential to the work we do. From better planning, to better service delivery, to achieving our collective goals for inclusion, sustainability, and equity–we need to build a strong data and research community that can:

  1. Share insights and resources

  2. Support each other in our work

  3. Help produce better decision making on investments and policies

Join us to hear about groundbreaking research in environment, climate, and energy from our region and explore data tools that can be instrumental in strengthening our communities.

This continuing series of events will showcase research findings from across our region and provide data tool demonstrations for novice and expert data users to learn from.

Confirmed Speakers:

Research Showcase:

Francesca Hopkins, PhD, Assistant Professor of Climate Change and Sustainability, Department of Environmental Sciences, UCR, Reductions in California’s Urban Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Susan Phillips, PhD, Professor of Environmental Analysis, Associate Dean, Pitzer College, Director Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability, A Region in Crisis, the Rationale for a Public Health State of Emergency in the Inland Empire

Data Tool Demonstrations:

David P. Eisenman, MD, MSHS, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Director UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters, Co-Director, UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions (C-Solutions), UCLA Heat Maps

Nico Schulte, PhD, Air Quality Specialist and Scott Epstein, PhD, Program Supervisor, Planning, Rule Development and Implementation, SCAQMD, MATES V Data Visualization Tool


Center for Social Innovation, UC Riverside



Date & Time

Feb. 1, 2023, 10 a.m. - Feb. 1, 2023, noon



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