Inclusivity in Innovation


Join us for the webinar exploring inclusivity in innovation. This webinar is brought to you by a collaboration of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, Innovate Calgary, IncluCity, and the Centre for Social Impact Technology, which are all based in Calgary, Canada. Calgary has become a leading tech and innovation hub with the emerging trend within the recent years. There are many initiatives taken to deepen work around innovation.

In this webinar, we will feature 3 guest speakers each from the aforementioned organizations to tap deeper into inclusivity in social innovation:

Sydney Harder (Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Sydney Harder (She/Her) is an Entrepreneur Development Officer at The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University, with a deep passion for community building and social impact business models. Sydney's background is in social innovation and program development with experience working at IncluCity Calgary to put people first in the development of technology solutions. She is optimistic that Calgary's growing tech economy can be a changemaker for putting people at the forefront of solutions, and is excited to see how we can use technology to address complex social and environmental issues.

Adaeze Hubbard (Innovate Calgary)

Adaeze is driven by her passion to empower and support businesses and creatives in Alberta. Graduating from Macewan University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in Business Management, she now works as the Inclusive Innovation Coordinator at Innovate Calgary, focusing on inclusive Innovation at the Social Innovation Hub.

As the founder & CEO of Exposed Creatives Society a not-for-profit organization that serves to connect, celebrate, and create opportunities for Alberta's businesses and creatives, she is dedicated to turning dreams into tangible success stories.

Additionally, she is the Director of Programming for C-Tribe Society, a collision festival and conference that helps innovative and creative people achieve their dreams, and consults with creatives and businesses through Crowned Coaching & Consulting.

Adaeze understands the struggles of an entrepreneur as well as a creative as she is also a R&B singer/songwriter that goes by the stage name "Ezeada" where she uses music to share messages of hope, resilience, and strength, while reminding herself and others to love themselves.

Yinyu Liang (IncluCity Calgary)

Yinyu Liang (She/Her) serves as a dedicated Community Coordinator at IncluCity Calgary, where she brings a profound appreciation for diversity and inclusivity. As a newcomer with a professional background in International Studies and various industry experiences, Yinyu is deeply passionate about bringing a broader perspective to her role, actively engaging with diverse communities to ensure that technology solutions are genuinely inclusive, catering to the needs of everyone.

Questions that will be discussed in the webinar are:

  • What does inclusive innovation mean to you as an individual and your organization?
  • What does inclusivity in innovation look like?
  • How is your organization integrating inclusive innovation in its work? How are you doing that on your individual level in the organization?
  • How has inclusivity in social innovation changed over time?
  • What are issues that we see or experience if we don’t put importance on inclusivity in social innovation?


The Centre for Social Impact Technology



Date & Time

Nov. 23, 2023, 2 p.m. - Nov. 23, 2023, 3 p.m.



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