KiwiTech's Venture Fair - EdTech


Networking with startups, venture capital, and family offices.

About this Event

We are bringing together leading experts, investors and innovators from the e-sports and gaming industry to discuss emerging innovation trends in the e-sports and gaming domain, key issues facing the industry, and the growing significance and impact of e-sports and gaming investing during these unprecedented times. The attendees will have an opportunity to connect with each other post the event on a double opt-in basis.

Run of the Show (in EST):

11:00 AM - Welcome

11:05 AM - KiwiTech Introduction

11:10 AM - Venture Fair Discussion

11:45 PM - Premier Tech Startup Pitches

12:30 PM - Event Ends





Date & Time

March 2, 2021, 11 a.m. - March 2, 2021, 12:30 p.m.



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