learnmutiny x Umba Daima NFT Party


TECH & STEM networking party to celebrate a new app for tech professionals called Tech Misfits

About this event

Food, Cocktails, and Crypto.


Join us in a night of fun to celebrate the upcoming launch of an exclusive social networking app for tech professionals (think Linkedin x FB Groups). This application is for tech professionals who are passionate about career advancement, wealth building, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We're changing the narrative of tech being a wealth building tool for small select few! Through this app, professionals of diverse demographics can connect, network, and collaborate on DEI initiatives.

We will have two speakers during the event. Here is what they will discuss:

Tech Misfits

TECH MISFITS is a collection of Avatar Techies that captures how a truly diverse and inclusive tech industry could and should look. The collection champions art, diversity, and the role of technological innovation in creating a better, safer, and more equitable world. The Tech Misfits avatars give access to the Tech Misfits social networking app.

Check them out:


Learn Mutiny

learnmutiny is a dynamic learning platform that offers bootcamps that focus on innovation in a specific industry. Currently learnmutiny's bootcamps are curated for the future of Web3, in these bootcamp we will focus on the financial and technological impact crypto will have in the future.

Umba Daima and learnmutiny have partnered together to offer you the chance to become more involved in the world of Blockchain, and enjoy a great party.

We will see you there🖖🏽


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Umba Daima


Atlanta, GA

Date & Time

Sept. 24, 2022, 8 p.m. - Sept. 25, 2022, noon



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