LGBTQIA+ (Inclusion & Diversity) Virtual & Hybrid Hackathon 2022


Industry experts, innovators and end users come together to learn from each other in advancing technology Registration is Free! :)

About this event

🌈 LGBTQIA+ Virtual & Hybrid Hackathon - #diversityequityandinclusion

πŸ—“ Friday 24th -26th June 2022.

Diverse teams are smarter, perform better and innovate more. However, breaking into high-tech fields is still difficult for many racial and gender minorities. The best way to create real-world impact is through tech solutions.

This challenge is open for all! Join us to hack bias and create gender-responsive innovations to promote inclusion and diversity for all.

We have great keynote speakers, excellent mentors and awesome NFTs and token rewards to give away! Also, the top 3 winning team will automatically qualify for our invite only Champions of Champions Hackathon on 3rd December 2022.

This year, we have 4 amazing challenges:

🌈 Challenge 1: Workplace

🌈 Challenge 2: Educational System

🌈 Challenge 3: Communities

🌈 Challenge 4: Open Innovation

Let’s have some fun, create a true cross-border collaboration ethos and all with the aim of pushing technical boundaries and entirely created by you, the end user! πŸš€

We welcome all industries and all skill sets.. in fact, the more diverse the team is.. the better the solutions! πŸ˜‰

Whether you are looking to up-skill, add to your portfolio, or are just interested in networking with other super cool people…come and join us πŸ“

Hope you have all had a great year of innovation and hope to see you on our much awaited new Innovators Economy Platform very soon! πŸ™Œ

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Date & Time

June 24, 2022, 1 p.m. - June 26, 2022, 11 a.m.



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