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Website Development Meetup


Welcome to website development, where digital visions come to life! Join us for an enlightening session exploring the art of website development.

Event Details:

About This Meetup:

Website development is a community of web developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts passionate about crafting extraordinary websites. Our aim is to facilitate knowledge-sharing, foster collaboration, and inspire innovation in the realm of website creation.


  • Engaging discussions on coding languages, frameworks, and industry trends.
  • Hands-on coding sessions, project showcases, and collaborative troubleshooting.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow developers, designers, and industry professionals.
  • Workshops on optimizing website performance, SEO, and user engagement.

What to Bring:

  • Your laptop or device for coding and project demonstration.
  • Any projects or challenges you'd like to discuss or seek advice on.

Support Our Goals:

Feel free to join our meetup group for free. We are dedicated to enhancing our resources to create better learning experiences. Your contributions will assist us in acquiring:

  1. Computer: Upgrading our computing resources to facilitate coding and development.
  2. Data Backup Space: Securing backup storage for safeguarding our projects and data.
  3. Website Fees: Covering expenses related to hosting, domain, or additional web services.

We estimate $10,000 should be sufficient to build infrastructure.

We are also raising an additional $4,000 to replace stolen goods.

Please visit the Current Medicament website to donate or donate here.

Join Us & Unleash Your Web Creativity:

Whether you're a coding newbie or an experienced developer, website development welcomes everyone interested in mastering the art of website development. RSVP today and let's weave digital magic together while supporting our community's growth!


Networking, Arts and Music, Martial Arts, and Soccer



Date & Time

May 20, 2024, 10 p.m. - May 21, 2024, noon



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