Open Source Mentorship Series: Different Careers in Tech


Hi Coders!

This workshop is part of Program Equity’s summer series. ProgramEquity provides a space for those transitioning into tech to connect with mentors who will support them as they build their portfolio. If you actively contribute to open source, civic tech, or are passionate about closing the gap between tech and social justice - come learn how we are working with national civic rights groups to create accessibility for marginalized voices.

  • What did you first think tech was?
  • How did you learn about your current role?
  • How were you able to transfer your skills?
  • What do you appreciate about your current role?

Each session will cover a technical or career related topic. Come join us as industry experts from GitHub, Tidelift, PlanetScale, and NEAR foundation talk about everything from breaking down the PR flows, web3 to writing a resume that gets attention. Can’t make this one? Here’s a preview of the workshops we are hosting this summer

To provide the most comfortable environment for attendees, we have set an attendee limit for our events to 20 attendees.

Requirements to participate: This is a virtual event, at a minimum, you will need a Zoom account. For the best experience, please aim to have a webcam, microphone.

Also, if you like to draw and diagram, consider having a blank piece of paper and marker, or a whiteboard, that can be visible to your webcam. To share your code, be prepared to screen-share, or collaborate through a google doc.

See our GitHub repo, Notion doc for resources and more information.





Date & Time

Jan. 26, 2023, noon - Jan. 26, 2023, 1 p.m.



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