Tech Clinic in partnership w/ Techscaler: Getting your ideas off the ground


Our latest Tech Clinic, delivered by Vicki Fraser in partnership with Techscaler, is for early-stage businesses and pre-launch tech founders.

Entitled, “Getting your idea off the ground: early stage presenting and pitching” this interactive session will help you craft a SWOT analysis of everything you and your team need to launch your idea and grow. You will then learn how to use this analysis to craft an early stage pitch, one which will help you to gather feedback, support, and resources to get your idea off the ground.

About Vicki Fraser

Vicki is an experienced product leader who loves to collaborate with teams to work through how user needs can be addressed with technology, in a commercially viable way. In her fifteen plus years of product management she's operated in B2B, B2C and marketplace companies of varied sizes, from start-up through large corporate (with a soft-spot for scale-ups), helping to build product teams focused on growth, platform and product evolution. She's worked across the finance, travel, recruitment and security problem spaces in companies such as Skyscanner, Symantec, MessageLabs and ClearScore, where she is currently the UK Product Director.





Date & Time

Nov. 23, 2023, 5 a.m. - Nov. 23, 2023, 6:30 a.m.



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