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We have some fantastic science/tech for good companies joining us

About this Event

Todays event as part of the week long Festival of Digital Disruption is all about science/tech for good companies. Hear about how AI is being used for good, how artificial skin is being used and inclusivity solutions.

Our speaker line-up;

  • Alexander Fahie- Ethical Angel
  • Lucie Glenday-mysense.Ai
  • Cecilia Harvey- Hyve Dynamics
  • Mehak Mumtaz-ilof
  • Gavin Neate- Neatebox
  • Solveiga Pakstaite- Mimica Touch

There will be time to meet new people during our breaks or just make a drink.

Tickets are free for 16-24 year olds in Berkshire please just ask a tutor to get in touch for the details.

Speaker Bios


Alexander Fahie is the Founder and CEO of B-Corp, Ethical Angel. A VC backed, virtual marketplace for global causes to order the support they need, when they need it, from private-sector workers looking for experiences that add value to them and their employers. Ethical Angel continues to grow 40% month on month and now has users in over 23 countries. Alexander graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Politics with Economics and then spent 7 years working in investment management. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, trekking and acting as a trustee of International NGO, Kidasha.


Lucie Glenday is an industry expert in digital transformation and IoT development and implementation. Lucie supported Martha Lane Fox in her review of ‘digital government’ and helped create the UK Government Digital Service. She led the digital transformation of government departments and agencies across the UK, including DVLA, Student Loans Company and the NS&I. Lucie was the first regional government Chief Digital Officer in the UK, where she focused on joining up data around vulnerable people through monitoring their wellbeing using wearables and home-based sensors. After consulting across banking, sports, and hospitality industries Lucie then created MySense in 2016. Today, MySense is being actively used by many local authorities, retirement homes, care providers and healthcare trusts as a wellbeing solution. 'Our innovation around AI and data analytics is helping people understand and pre-empt a person's wellbeing need at a highly personalised level. My driver is to give people independence and dignity, no matter what scenario they find themselves in,' says Lucie.


CECILIA HARVEY is the Chief Executive Officer of Hyve Dynamics. With over 20 years experience in finance and technology. Cecilia is an advocate for responsible technology leadership that seeks to inspire, elevate and disrupt global businesses and communities. Graduating from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Cecilia was soon captivated by the energy of Wall Street and the lure of a career in banking. After working her way up in the banking industry, her roles have since included being the COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, and positions with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM. Cecilia’s recent achievements include being featured in British Vogue 2020 as a trailblazing tech CEO, featured in Forbes Magazine in 2019 as a leading lady in technology, a 2018 We Are The City TechWomen 100 winner. Cecilia is also the founder and chair of Tech Women Today, a professional organisation focused on connecting and advancing women across various areas of technology.


Mehak is a Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at iLoF and leads strategic development and commercial/research partnerships. Prior to joining iLoF, Mehak was a strategy consultant for EY Parthenon where she worked on several healthcare strategic and due diligence projects for large corporates and PE firms. Mehak is passionate about translating science from bench to bedside, and was previously involved in managing a €1.5m innovation project on Rare Cancers, which involved collaborating with Fortune500 companies to improve clinical outcomes for rare cancer patients, as well as leading the strategy for an Oxford University spinout company delivering rare cancer services to the NHS. Mehak has a MBioChem and PhD in Pathology from University of Oxford and was an Innovation Fellow at the Said Business School.


Gavin Neate in 2011 founded Edinburgh-based Neatebox, which aims to make society more inclusive by developing smart solutions to address challenges that disabled people and their families face every day. Gavin previously spent a decade with the Royal Air Force, before embarking on an 18-year career with Guide Dogs UK as a guide dog mobility instructor. Initially, Gavin just wanted to use a smartphone to automatically trigger the button at a pedestrian crossing. He solved this problem with the award-winning ‘Button App’, the world’s first smartphone-activated pedestrian crossing, which is now used in several locations around Scotland.Gavin had always thought that innovation and entrepreneurship was preserved for experienced and high-profile business people. The success of ‘Button’ led to an awakening that he was perfectly positioned to use his personal drive alongside his knowledge of disability and technology to create a whole new generation of digital solutions.


Solveiga studied Industrial Design & Technology at Brunel University London. She invented the concept of Mimica Touch for her final project, wanting to make expiry dates inclusive to visually impaired people, before realising that expiry dates also drive large amounts of food waste. Mimica Touch is a label that shows the true freshness of food, according to real temperature conditions it has experienced. In 2017, she was named 'Inventor of the Year' by the MIT Technology Review. Before starting Mimica she worked as a design researcher and trends forecaster and today she also consults on sustainability and packaging innovation for global brands and is a visiting lecturer in impact entrepreneurship at UCL.


The Festival of Digital Disruption



Date & Time

Nov. 18, 2020, 5 p.m. - Nov. 18, 2020, 8:30 p.m.



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