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In an extraordinary public advisory in May 2023, the US Surgeon General stated there is evidence that social media “has a profound risk of harm to the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents.”

Despite this, the advisory notes that 95% of teenagers ages 13-17 say they use a social media app, and more than a third say they use it "almost constantly."

If you are a parent or care-giver to youth, this webinar is for you.

In July of 2023, UNESCO, a branch of the United Nations issued an urgent call for the appropriate use of technology in education. Despite this, many Canadian schools do not have technology policies or do not enforce existing policies.

If you are an educator, counsellor, or school official, this webinar is for you

In 2023, we also saw the rise of CHATGPT, the fastest-growing software application in history. CHATGPT gained over 100 million users within months and sparked concern over the potential of AI to take over, displace, or reduce human intelligence and fuel misinformation, addiction & mass unemployment.

This webinar is for all of us.

Join us for an informative evening with psychiatrist, #1 best-selling author, researcher, and mom of three, Dr. Shimi Kang. In her book, The Tech Solution: Creating Healthy Habits for a Digital World, Dr. Kang states technology is the “fire of our time.” If we use it well, humans will progress further than ever before and if we don’t, we will get burned and burn down the village. Parents, teachers or professionals working with youth must guide young people (& themselves) towards healthy tech habits that foster the future-ready skills of resilience, collaboration & innovation.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How technology is impacting the human brain, body, and behaviour
  • How to differentiate between healthy, stressful, & addictive tech experiences.
  • How to reset tech habits towards more balance
  • Guidelines for your home/school, including how to successfully advocate for cell phone limits in schools and the greater community.
  • Free reset resources from The Tech Solution book.

Please Note: All proceeds will be donated to the Future Ready Minds Student Bursary Fund.

About Dr. Shimi Kang

An award-winning Harvard trained medical doctor, researcher, and expert in neuroscience, Dr. Shimi Kang believes the key to an optimal, joyous life is understanding how your brain works.

She is the founder of Future-ready Minds Co-Founder of Get Sparky app host of the YouTube show, Mental Wealth with Dr. Shimi Kang and the author of the #1 bestseller The Dolphin Parent The Self-Motivated Kid & The Tech Solution: Creating Habits for a Digital World.






Date & Time

Sept. 19, 2023, 9:30 p.m. - Sept. 19, 2023, 10:30 p.m.



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