Why trustworthy data practices matter


What to expect

In this webinar we will explore why trust and trustworthiness are critical components in a future where communities and businesses truly benefit from data and technology. How do we establish the measures of trust in organisations who handle data?

We will discuss how we can navigate the “risks” associated with data sharing to ensure that organisations, communities and individuals can reap the rewards.

Finally we’ll look at how to build trust and reduce risk when sharing data.

The webinar will help you explore data sharing in an uncertain world. We’ll discuss our approach that will help illuminate the topic and give you the tools to move forward, confidently, on your data-sharing journey.

Who is this webinar for?

All those starting to think about their organisations' data sharing/risk discussion. CDOs, CTOs and more. As well as generalists who are data-curious - you don’t need to be a data expert to attend. Although, of course we embrace data experts always!

Level of difficulty

Entry level to mid-level - you can be someone who has only considered the issues in passing or has worked with data for years!


Kimberley Abbott is CEO and founder of Vested Impact, a ground-breaking FinTech startup with a mission to ‘redefine “millionaire” to be a person who impact millions of lives' through her pl that provides the data to enable people to make decisions on where to invest their money based where it makes the best impact on society.

Kimberley is an engineer , previously founding an award-winning social enterprise in India, lead Engineering Innovation within an aerospace multinational, and then spent many years working for the United Nations, leading the agile IT development and implementation of the globally recognised innovative data platform responsible for assessing and measuring the effectiveness and impact of the UN’s $8Bn yearly peacekeeping operations; implementing the platform across 12 countries and some of the World’s worst conflict zones.

Kimberley has been named; 2023 NatWest and Telegraph’s 100 Entrepreneurs to watch, 2022 Standout45 in Women in Fintech PowerList, UBS’s global Female Founder award winner in 2022, finalist in the 2020 UN Secretary Generals Innovation Awards, 2017 UK’s Top 50 Women in Engineering, 2018 Engineers Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers, and Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women

About Vested Impact

Vested Impact is a company “redefining “millionaire” to be a person who impacts millions of lives” through its platform that automatically assesses, quantifies and monitors the impact of companies products and services on their contribution to helping (or hindering) the World's greatest challenges – the UN SDGs. Vested leverages a proprietary algorithm that pulls on over 300M data points and can assess, quantify and attribute the positive, negative and indirect impact of a company, in an automated manner at scale. Currently, Vested assesses the impact of over 25,000 publicly listed companies, over 1,000 private companies, and hundreds of bonds- monitoring the impact of over $170Tn worth of assets. Vested and its team have won the 2021 UBS Female Founder Award, were named in 2020 100 Meaningful Businesses, and were 1 of just 4 companies globally, selected to present to world leaders at the 2022 Paris Peace Forum for "measuring the non-financial impact of companies".

Andrew Newman is a Principal Data Specialist at the ODI. Andrew is an experienced data specialist with over 20 years experience of leading and managing data teams and initiatives at the UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). Andrew has a broad range of data skills and experience, he has: built and operated geographic information systems; developed data standards and specifications; written and implemented data strategies; and defined and delivered major projects, transforming data infrastructures. Andrew is people focused and naturally takes an open and collaborative approach, bringing communities of people together to deliver services and drive change and improvement.


Open Data Institute (ODI)



Date & Time

Nov. 23, 2023, 7:30 a.m. - Nov. 23, 2023, 8:30 a.m.



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