Why we need to make better Tech for Disability


Key questions to raise include:

  • Why does this matter?
  • How can this be done?
  • Who can do this?

What does the tech industry need to know? Partnerships between lived experience, the audience, the tech industry and business can ensure disabled people get the right solutions and resources to deliver them.

Along with events to bring these partners together, Tech For Disability is launching an online resource hub to raise disabled and neurodivergent perspectives, guidance, best practices, emerging tech and market information aimed at the tech industry and supporting lived experience social tech entrepreneurs.

This event will host three speakers to share their perspectives on why we must create more inclusive tech innovation and reach a wider audience with a case study of how this collaboration can benefit businesses to listen to and heed the needs of their disabled customers. Then, we will open it up to the audience for views.

It will be a relaxed, informal, Inclusive Conversation online with Zoom. It will use Zoom's accessibility features, such as subtitles, chat, reactions and a live transcript.

The duration will be one hour. The video and sound recordings will be made using Zoom. Transcribing will support the notes, and a summary will be published afterwards. Please let us know of any particular accessibility needs we can try to assist with.

Please note that we are part of Tech London Advocates, and we hope you would welcome being asked to join them and our group and support the world’s largest grassroots tech network.

Please email info@techfordisability.org for any information or requests.


Tech For Disability



Date & Time

July 11, 2024, 7 a.m. - July 11, 2024, 8 a.m.



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