How to Write a Job Description: A Step by Step Guide with Examples

Posted by Karissa Justice | Hiring Best Practices

Your job description is often the first impression job seekers have of your organization and one of the most important ones as well. In just a few paragraphs, potential candidates make a critical decision: apply to your opening and commit to the interview process, or move on to the next job posting. If you've ever been through a job search, you know that job seekers often skim hundreds of job descriptions. Your description needs to be stellar to stand out and attract the best candidates.

At Tech Jobs for Good, our team sees hundreds of job descriptions each week, and we've supported everyone from CEOs of burgeoning startups to recruiters in large talent acquisition departments with their hiring needs. We've learned a lot about effective hiring, and we want to share that knowledge with you to help you increase your impact by finding the right talent to advance your mission.

In this deep dive on How to Write a Job Description, you will learn how to craft a compelling job description that highlights your mission and culture while accurately matching qualifications to the responsibilities and purpose of the role. No matter what your role is, your experience with writing job descriptions, or familiarity with the position you're hiring for, we'll guide you through producing a job description that wins over highly qualified candidates and helps you make your next great hire!

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