Articles written by Karissa Justice

How to Write a Job Description: A Step by Step Guide with Examples
Your job descriptions are the first impression job seekers have of your organization. In just a few paragraphs, potential candidates make a critical decision: apply to your opening and commit to the interview process, or click through to the next job posting. In this deep dive on How to Write a Job Description, we guide you through each step of crafting a compelling description that highlights your mission and culture while accurately matching qualifications to the responsibilities and purpose of the role.
How to Work With Recruiters to Find a Job
Sometimes recruiters reach out with vague information, inappropriately matched jobs, or just don’t respond. Is it possible to find a job through a recruiter? Yes! But it’s important to understand how third-party recruiters work for the best results.
How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters
Whether you are actively job searching or simply want to stay open to new career options, there are a few ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to make it easier for recruiters to find you.
How Long Does It Take to Find a Job?
Looking for a new job is frustrating, lonely, and a lot of work. If you’re between jobs, you may be under a lot of pressure to find something quickly. How long does a job search take, exactly?
How to Use an Alumni Network to Find a Job
If you’re job searching, you may be wondering how you can find the right people in your alumni network to talk to about job opportunities. Follow these easy steps to get started!
How to Connect with Someone You Don’t Know on LinkedIn
Have you ever sat looking at the LinkedIn profile page of someone you didn’t know on LinkedIn, and wondered if you should connect with them? Here's an easy way to reach out.
5 Networking Questions New Grads Should Ask
How can new grads learn about career options and job titles they don't know exist? Ask the right questions while networking to uncover great opportunities!
What Do You Want to Do Everyday at Work?
For people who aren’t on a highly specialized career track, finding a new job can feel completely directionless. How do you plan for your next job when your skills are general? Use this graph to quickly identify the type of job that is best for you!
How to Set Your Career Goals
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Remember that question? Career goals can be hard and stressful for many people. What if you don't know where you'll be in 5-10 years? There are three main types of career goals that you can choose from.
5 Steps to Prepare for Your Informational Interview
You got an informational interview! But now what? In order to get the most out of a networking meeting, you need to decide what questions to ask and do your research ahead of time.