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What Should You Look For in Your Next Job?
It’s important for job seekers to know what they’re looking for, and not just what they want to get away from, because it will help you narrow and target your job search better. No matter what your career goal is, you can find a workplace or job that matches your needs.
How Do You Know If You Need a New Job?
Have you wondered if you're being paid enough? If you need to do more to progress your career? Are you unhappy at work? Here are four questions you can ask yourself to figure out if it’s time to start looking for a new job!
Salary Transparency on Job Posts for Nonprofits and Social Impact Orgs
Why do we strongly recommend sharing a salary range for your job post? Salary transparency is an increasingly common topic as more states and municipalities pass laws requiring it, and as the job market is shifting to favor job seekers. Some organizations worry that salary transparency will hurt the number of applicants...