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Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Working to expose and stop human trafficking and modern slavery and to support victims of abuse

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As an independent, non-profit, civil society organization, Verité is recognized for its unique credibility. Since 1995, we have partnered with hundreds of corporations, governments, and NGOs to illuminate labor rights violations in supply chains and remedy them to the benefit of workers and companies alike.
Partners & Advocates
Human Rights & Equality
Amherst, MA, USA
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Open Supply Hub

Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) exists to improve human rights and environmental conditions in and around factories and facilities by opening up supply chain data as a free, public good.
Human Rights & Equality
New York, NY
London, UK
Rescue America Logo
Rescue America

Rescue America provides a way of escape for survivors of sexual exploitation via our 24/7 local hotline. Driven by the clarity of our call, our emergency assessment program is specifically designed to empower survivors to exit the life permanently.
Human Rights & Equality
Denver, CO, USA
Houston, TX, USA
Freedom Forward Logo
Freedom Forward

Freedom Forward is working to improve systems in San Francisco to make the commercial sexual exploitation of youth less likely and less harmful, and ensure that those who’ve experienced it have opportunities to thrive.
Human Rights & Equality
San Francisco, CA, USA

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