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Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Software Engineer jobs

What does a Senior Software Engineer do?

A Senior Software Engineer typically takes on more complex technical challenges and has a greater level of responsibility compared to junior engineers. They often lead or contribute significantly to the design, development, and implementation of software solutions, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise to architect robust and scalable systems. Additionally, they may mentor junior team members, participate in code reviews, and collaborate closely with other stakeholders to ensure that software projects meet high standards of quality and functionality.

What is the average salary of a Senior Software Engineer on Tech Jobs for Good?
What skills are essential for a Senior Software Engineer?
  1. Python
  2. React
  3. SQL
  4. Excel
  5. JavaScript
What kinds of organizations hire Senior Software Engineers on Tech Jobs for Good?
  • Nuna - Data can be a powerful driver of change—but only when it’s acted upon with empathy. Our technology, data, and analytics solutions help healthcare payers and providers get the answers they need to make quality care more affordable for millions of people.
  • Zipline - We created Zipline to deliver medicine via drone to those who need it most
  • Tech Matters - We help social change leaders understand what tech can and can’t do, and build the tech solutions behind solving a social problem.
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Senior Software Engineer
Democracy Works
Remote (US) - $119K - $136K
Public Service & Civic Engagement

Location: Remote within the US

About our organization:

At Democracy Works, we help Americans vote, no matter what!  Our vision is to make voting a simple, seamless experience for all Americans…

Posted 2 weeks ago
Senior Software Engineer
Brisbane, CA - $160K - $185K
Climate Change

About Us 

All across the world, from the azure pools of Turkey and Oman to the travertine terraces of Yellowstone, our planet quietly pulls carbon dioxide from the air and turns it to stone. Fo…

Posted 56 minutes ago
Senior Software Engineer
New York, NY - $115K - $226K
Health & Well-Being

Healthcare should work for patients, but it doesn’t. In their time of need, they call down outdated insurance directories. Then wait on hold. Then wait weeks …

Posted 1 week ago
Senior Software Engineer
Truth Initiative
Washington, DC - $140K - $160K
Health & Well-Being


Truth Initiative® is America’s largest non-profit public health organization dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past. We speak, seek and spread the truth about tobac…

Posted 3 weeks ago
Senior Software Engineer
Los Angeles, CA - $147K - $191K
Clean Energy


QuantumScape developed the industry’s first anode-less cell design, which delivers high energy density while lowering material costs and simplifying manufacturing. Our innov…

Posted 3 weeks ago
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