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Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Newborns

Providing care and education to improve the health of mothers and children

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Design that Matters

We don’t accept a world in which countless newborns are at risk of lifelong disability and death from easily treatable conditions like jaundice, hypothermia and pneumonia, and where hundreds of millions of dollars in donated medical equipment goes to waste.
Health & Well-Being
Salem, MA, USA
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Astarte Medical

Delivering digital tools and diagnostics to improve preterm infant outcomes.
Health & Well-Being
Yardley, PA, USA
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The Fund for Public Health in New York City

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life. The Fund for Public Health in New York City incubates innovative initiatives designed to improve the health of all New Yorkers.
Health & Well-Being
Partners & Advocates
New York, NY, USA
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She Matters

Founded in 2019, She Matters is a digital health platform designed to support Black mothers who experience postpartum comorbidities through providing access to culturally competent healthcare providers, culturally relevant resources, and community. We also train healthcare professionals on how to become better resources for Black mothers through our culturally competent certification. She Matters is the only digital health platform that offers a culturally competent certification tailored to the specific nuances and challenges related to being a Black woman. While creating the curriculum we focused on several key factors: reducing postpartum maternal mortality statistics, increasing return visits for Black mothers, and improving the relationship between provider and patient.
Human Rights & Equality
Health & Well-Being
New York, NY, USA

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