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Developing guidelines and raising awareness to make artificial intelligence safe and fair

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AI4ALL opens doors to the artificial intelligence industry for underrepresented talent through education and mentorship. We nurture a global community of students who learn AI fundamentals and who then apply those principles to solve society’s most pressing problems in deeply innovative and ethical ways. AI4ALL programs have empowered over 4,500 people globally with AI education. AI4ALL summer programs run at 11 top universities around North America. Seventy-seven percent of alumni are interested in a career in AI after completing the program, and many are already making significant impacts in the field, from educating their peers to winning “best paper” at top AI conferences. In September 2019, AI4ALL Open Learning will launch, providing communities with free, approachable, project-based AI education. By telling a new story about who can be a maker in AI, we’re creating tomorrow’s AI leaders and changing technology’s future.
Oakland, CA, USA
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Credo AI

Credo AI is an end-to-end governance platform for managing compliance and measuring risk for your AI deployments at scale
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San Francisco, CA, USA
New York, NY, USA

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