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Consultancies and tools that help government, businesses, and communities plan for climate change adaptation and mitigation

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At 3Degrees, we believe that environmental legacy is a responsibility shared across borders, cultures, and corporations. In our view, the clearest path to rewriting that legacy is to work together.
Partners & Advocates
Climate Change
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Powerful data modelling, integrated toolkits and a shared framework enable faster delivery and financing of your Climate Action Plan
Climate Change
San Francisco, CA, USA
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At StormSensor, we are on a mission to help build the sewers and storm systems of the future. StormSensor’s affordable IoT sensor networks give you flow, depth, and temperature, every five minutes, every day – in short, metering the last unmetered utility.
Public Infrastructure
Climate Change
Seattle, WA, USA
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Four Twenty Seven

At Four Twenty Seven we believe that climate change is a challenge worthy of our best efforts. We are using data, science and our passion to build resilience for businesses, governments and non-profits. Through our work we are driving positive results for our clients and the communities they serve.
Partners & Advocates
Climate Change
Berkeley, CA, USA

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Senior Salesforce Developer
San Francisco, CA/Portland, OR/Portland, ME/New York, NY - $105K - $151K
Partners & Advocates
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Every day, we work together for what matters – bold, swift, and equitable climate action.               

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