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Alternatives to commonly used non-sustainable materials like plastic that have lower impact on the environment

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Interface Logo

Interface is the first global flooring manufacturer to sell all products as carbon neutral across their full life cycle. From the production of our products to the relationships we have with our customers, the way we work is driven by our mission to help restore the health of the planet. The journey to more sustainable business practices is ongoing, as is our commitment to running our business in a way that creates a climate fit for life.
Climate Change
Atlanta, GA, USA
TemperPack Logo

TemperPack was created to help the world waste less. We protect what's perishable, whether that's a shipment of food or life saving medicine, all using materials that help protect our most perishable resource, the Earth. We build revolutionary insulation products that allow large organizations to manage their global supply chains with zero environmental impact. We aim at bringing to market sustainable packaging solutions that consumers and companies feel great about using.
Climate Change
Richmond, VA, USA
TerraCycle Logo

Recycle everything with TerraCycle
Trenton, NJ, USA
Lisle, IL, USA
Newlight Technologies Logo
Newlight Technologies

Newlight was founded in 2003 with a question: why can't we use greenhouse gas emissions as a resource to make materials? After 10 years of research and development, Newlight has developed a carbon capture technology that pulls carbon out of greenhouse gas and uses that carbon to produce a bioplastic material called AirCarbon™: a naturally-occurring material that can match the performance of oil-based plastics and out-compete on price.
Climate Change
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

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