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Social Impact Tech Conferences to Attend in 2023
As technology continues to shape our world, an increasing number of conferences and events are focusing on the intersection of technology and social impact. These gatherings provide a platform for passionate individuals, organizations, and innovators to come together, share ideas, and explore how technology can be harnessed for positive change. ...
Posted by Noah Hart | Conferences
Start a Tech Career in Social Impact: A Comprehensive Guide to Fellowships and Internships
It can be very hard to find your first tech job, so looking for an internship or fellowship can be a great way to start building the skills you need and the support network to succeed in building a social impact career in tech. We’ve collected some great programs to ...
Posted by Noah Hart | Job Seekers
Turning Tech Skills into Social Change: A Guide to Finding Tech Volunteer Opportunities at Nonprofits
If you're interested in volunteering your tech skills and time, we’ve compiled a list of resources to find volunteer opportunities at nonprofits and impact-driven open source projects.
Posted by Noah Hart | Job Seekers
Salary Transparency: Should nonprofits put salary information on job posts?
Why do we strongly recommend sharing a salary range for your job post? Salary transparency is an increasingly common topic as more states and municipalities pass laws requiring it, and as the job market is shifting to favor job seekers. Some organizations worry that salary transparency will hurt the number of applicants...
How Exygy helps mission-driven partners scale their social impact using design and technology
Exygy partners with social impact organizations to design and build technology that improves lives. As a San Francisco based B-Corp, they use the tools of Silicon Valley — modern open-source technical stacks, human-centered design, and agile development — to help empower their partners to get better at delivering services that ...