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Climate Change Measurement & Tracking Organizations Logo is the world’s leading Weather and Climate Security Platform, equipping humanity with the weather intelligence needed to thrive and adapt in an era of climate crisis. Through predictive and actionable insights, teams adapt to any weather-related challenge at scale both in real-time and in advance of business impact. Customers including Uber, Delta, National Grid, and more use to significantly improve operational efficiency, automate risk management and customize resiliency plans to meet sustainability goals.
Global Peace & Safety
Climate Change
Boston, MA, USA
Resource Innovations Logo
Resource Innovations

We are a women-led, purpose built and focused on impact, energy transformation firm. Building on our expertise in energy efficiency, we’re driving the material change needed to renew the promise of energy.
Partners & Advocates
Clean Energy
Chandler, AZ
Chicago, IL
Des Moines, IA
Little Rock, AR
Louisville, CO
Madison, WI
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City, UT
San Francisco, CA
St. Louis, MO
Atlas Public Policy Logo
Atlas Public Policy

Atlas Public Policy equips businesses and policymakers to make strategic, informed decisions that serve the public interest. Atlas builds analytical tools and dashboards using powerful, accessible technology, and offers expert advisory services to tackle the pressing issues of the day. Our key work areas currently include transportation and building electrification, climate policy, and disinformation tracking.
Climate Change
Partners & Advocates
San Francisco, CA, USA
Washington, DC, USA
Woodwell Climate Research Center Logo
Woodwell Climate Research Center

Woodwell Climate Research Center advances scientific discovery and solutions to address the world’s climate challenges. Originally founded as the Woods Hole Research Center in 1985, our world-leading research and education helps individuals, communities, and nations understand the realities of climate change, recognize the impact it is having everywhere on our planet, and embrace the urgent action needed to safeguard the future of life on Earth.
Climate Change
Falmouth, MA, USA

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